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Fuseta beach

15-08-2011 posted by O Tartufo

Beach bar on the island near FusetaRelaxing on the white beaches of Fuseta Island in the Algarve

The beach nearest to our B&B and therefore the nearest beach for our guests on holiday is at Fuseta. This small fishing village is only 4 kilometer away from us and it is easily accessible by bike or car. Click on Pictures to see more of our B&B in this beautiful part of the East Algarve.

Fuseta has about 2,000 inhabitants and is small, but cosy. There are many local restaurants where you can eat delicious fresh fish. Especially the grilled sardines are delicious! These are prepared on a large grill just outside the restaurant and the whole area surrounding the restaurant smells of Sardines. So, just follow your nose! More restaurants open in the summer than in winter. This village adapts to the seasons,  but fortunately there are still a few nice restaurants open outside the main season.  

In Fuseta there are two ways to enjoy the beach.  The first way is to opt for the small beach of Fuseta itself. This is the beach between the island and the village. It is perfect for a refreshing dip into the water.  There is a little bar where you can get some refreshments and enjoy the views. We often go to this beach when we just want to cool off quickly by a taking a dive into the fresh water. 

The other way is the thing most people will choose. From Fuseta you can take a boat towards the island (Ilha Armona) and there you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Algarve. The crossing by boat only takes about ten minutes and this year it costs €1,60 for a return trip. If you visit the island during low tide there are beautiful shells to be found!

Funny thing about Fuseta is that it is sometimes written as Fuzeta and sometimes as Fuseta. Fuzeta only the old way of writing it, nowadays it is called Fuseta.

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Take one of the boats towards the island near Fuseta, Ilha Armona

The beach of Fuseta itself is also nice for a refreshing dip!

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